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Customer Flow Chart

This flow chart provides a glimpse of the process for any carport/garage customer from start to finish. Our goal is not only to provide customers with a high quality unit, but to also provide an enjoyable experience throughout the entire process.


Sales Phase

  • Customer meets with dealer to obtain pricing/quote

  • Customer agrees on price and places downpayment

  • Dealer sends paperwork to SteelCraft


Production Phase

  • Regional Manager groups units according to urgency, location, and subtotal

  • Regional Manager contacts customers to ensure the unit is ready to be received (permits obtained, concrete poured, site ready, no paperwork issues, no revisions wanted)

  • Regional Manager places group into production phase (each unit in the group will be built specifically according to the paperwork)

  • Regional Manager sends the group to the Plant Manager for it to be placed into production

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Confirmation Phase

  • Regional Manager reviews customer paperwork

  • Regional Manager contacts customer to confirm all items are correct

  • Regional Manager goes over terms and conditions and explains that the next phase will be production

Image by Eric Rothermel

Scheduling Phase

  • Customer's unit finishes production

  • Regional Manager contacts customer to inform them that the production phase is complete

  • Once a crew is determined for their group, Regional Manager will inform customers of approximate load date by the install crew

  • Regional Manager will contact customers once the group is loaded and inform them of the estimated installation date

  • Customers should be ready to receive a call from the installation crew leader (crew lead will provide exact date/time they will begin the unit)

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 11.06.29 AM.png

Installation Phase

  • Crew leader will contact customers to schedule specific date/time that unit will begin

  • Install crew completes unit and ensures customer satisfaction

  • Customer signs certificate of installation provided by crew (any notes customer would like to add can be added to the certificate)

  • Crew leader meets with install supervisor to provide payments and paperwork and once completed, install supervisor will provide the check to the crew lead

  • Install crew will clean up the work area and take pictures of the completed unit (certificate and pictures are used to ensure unit is completed for each customer in a satisfactory manner)

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